Robert Ramirez – Membership and Chapter Development Chair

What’s up yo! My name is Robert Ramirez and I am from Jacksonville, Florida, and I am this year’s Membership and Chapter Development Chair for Wash U’s chapter of NSBE. I’m double majoring in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, and I will likely minor in Computer Science. I’m also interested in Japanese Language, and my favorite TV shows are Spongebob and Boy Meets World. My favorite musical artist is Billy Joel, and I enjoy revising papers written in English, quantifying subjective things, and making lists of interests of mine (I have an ordered list of my favorite TV shows and musical artists, so I could go into detail about how my next favorite artists are Weird Al Yankovic, Lionel Richie, and ABBA…I’ll stop there). After I graduate I plan on going to graduate school for my Ph.D. in Materials Science. Oh yeah, and I’m a White Hispanic (or a Cajun Chicano?).